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XT 03 Industrial robot

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Product Name: XT 03 Industrial Robot

Product advantages:

The industrial robot series adopts the domestic advanced GOOGO robot controller, which has the advantages of high stability, long life and easy maintenance.

Each joint of the industrial robot adopts servo motor and reducer imported from Japan, with high precision, safety and durability, and powerful functions.

Made of high-strength materials that can be used in harsh environments, advanced motion control functions and collision detection functions, which can effectively avoid the risk of damage to tools or workpieces. It has repeatable positioning accuracy, and the robot's high accuracy is not affected under any long-term working conditions To ensure the stability of part production quality.

Widely used in food, beverage, emulsion, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flour, mechanical processing and other production line handling, disassembly, palletizing, loading and unloading.

XT03 industrial robot

Main skill parameters:


XT 03 industrial robot performance parameter table

Action type


Control axis

6 axis

placement method


Speed of movement

J1 axis

200º / sec

J2 axis

170º / sec

J3 axis

170º / sec

J4 axis

300º / sec

J5 axis

300º / sec

J6 axis

500º / sec

Range of action

J1 axis

± 130º

J2 axis

+ 76º ~ -60º

J3 axis

+ 210º ~ -80º

J4 axis

± 180º

J5 axis

± 120º

J6 axis

± 360º

Active radius


Wrist load


Repeat accuracy

± 0.08mm

Adverse operating time


Nominal operating time



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