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Shandong industrial robot manufacturers tell you: measures to improve the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools

2019-11-21 14:19:20

The selection of machine tools is also different due to the accuracy of the machine tools. This requires us to pay attention to the choice of machine model and accuracy in the selection of machine tools. At present, the inspection of position accuracy of CNC machine tools usually adopts the international standard ISO230-2 or national standard GB10931-89. . In the choice of machine tools, we must also pay attention to standards. This is because different standards also cause differences in accuracy.

The machine tools that control the sliding bearings of the parts can choose bearings with better wear resistance, so as to ensure the precision of the machine tools.

The control of the workshop environment reduces the heat source: the focus is on the spindle speed, clearance adjustment and reasonable pre-tensioning. For thrust bearings and tapered roller bearings, because of their poor working conditions, they generate large heat. When necessary, they can be replaced by thrust angular contact ball bearings to minimize frictional heating of certain parts. Insulation: Keep the heat source away from the main shaft, such as isolating the motor and transmission, and adopting separate transmission. Cooling: strengthen lubrication and cooling, adopt oil cooling, air cooling and other methods to accelerate heat dissipation. Reducing the impact of thermal deformation: No matter which method is used, it can only reduce thermal deformation and it is difficult to completely eliminate thermal deformation. Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce the impact of thermal deformation.

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Control of reverse deviation Because the reverse deviation will cause the accuracy of the equipment to become lower, and the longer the machine tool is used, the greater the wear and tear, and the larger the error will be. This requires the reverse process during the application of the machine tool. The deviation is regularly detected and compensated to reduce the error as much as possible and improve the working accuracy of the machine tool.

Error compensation Error compensation refers to the corresponding recording of the position of the fixed axis in the processing of CNC machine tools . In addition, the relevant recorded data is compared with the actual measurement results to understand the error value, and the operation is selected on the axis. Set the measurement reference point, record the error value during operation, and input it into the relevant control system, so that the axis movement and error time at different points can be well controlled. If the number of measured points is greater, the error effect that the pitch needs to compensate is more obvious. The premise of this error compensation technology is based on the CNC machine tool coordinate system. The important parameter for determining the CNC machine tool coordinate system is the reference point. Therefore, make sure that the selected reference point has zero error.

The compensation of backlash error is due to the influence of backlash error in CNC machine tools. Therefore, in the design of CNC machine tools, the backlash error is paid full attention and effective measures are taken. However, it is undeniable that the gap exists, so what we have to do is to record the reverse gap of each point in the machine tool's operation through the pitch error compensation technology, and directly control the reverse movement error by the control system of the CNC machine tool. The compensation operation is reduced by using the setting of parameters and the setting of CNC system.


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