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Influencing factors of machining accuracy of CNC machine tools

2019-11-21 14:05:58

The error of the machine tool itself shows in a large amount of data and statistics that more than 65.7% of the machine tool cannot fully meet its relevant index standards during installation. 90% of the CNC machine tools are in an inaccurate working environment and state during work. This situation determines the importance of machine tool working condition monitoring. The test of machine tool accuracy is a necessary foundation for the guarantee of machine tool accuracy, which can better guarantee the machining accuracy of parts.

In addition to the accuracy error of the machine tool, the operation of the machine tool in the workshop environment will also be affected by temperature, including the temperature fluctuation of the workshop, the heating of the motor, the friction of the connection, the influence of the medium, etc. As a result of a certain degree of influence, the temperature of the machine tool will lose the adjustment accuracy, which will affect the accuracy of the machine tool and the size and accuracy of the workpiece. At the same time, the increase in temperature also changes the bearing clearance, which in turn affects the machining accuracy. On the other hand, the temperature rise makes the temperature distribution uneven, causing the mutual positional relationship between each part or part of the part to change, thereby causing displacement or distortion of the part.

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Reverse deviation The so-called reverse deviation refers to the error phenomenon caused by the reverse dead zone or backlash caused by the coordinate axis during the transmission of the CNC machine tool. It can also become the backlash or stall amount. For CNC machine tools using a semi-closed-loop servo system, the existence of reverse deviation will affect the positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy of the machine tool, and thus affect the processing accuracy of the product.

Clearance error The CNC machine tool needs a transmission chain during the machining process. The operation of the transmission chain will generate some gaps. These gaps will easily cause errors, especially when the machine tool does not move during the motor operation, which will cause the CNC machine tool to oscillate Or a larger error problem. 


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