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How to give full play to the effectiveness of CNC lathes

2019-11-21 14:05:59

Reasonable installation and clamping of workpieces to increase clamping speed  

In the CNC lathe when the machining of the workpiece, positioning the workpiece mounting should aim to achieve the design basis, process the reference and programming reference unified computing; minimize the number of clamping, after a possible positioning fixture, all machined surface to be processed; avoid Adopt the machine to adjust the machining plan manually, in order to give full play to the effectiveness of CNC lathes.   

When cutting CNC lathes, we must fully consider the issues of positioning, clamping design, and selection and design of furniture. When designing furniture, first make sure that the coordinate direction of the furniture is relatively fixed with the coordinate direction of the lathe. Second, coordinate the dimensional relationship between the part and the lathe coordinate system. At the same time, you should also consider:   

(1) When the production volume of parts is not large, combined fixtures, adjustable fixtures and universal fixtures should be used as much as possible to shorten production preparation time and save production costs;   

(2) Only consider the use of special fixtures in batch production, and strive for simple structure;  

(3) The loading and unloading of parts should be fast, convenient and reliable to reduce the downtime of the lathe;  

(4) Each part on the fixture should not hinder the lathe's processing of each surface of the part;  

(5) When selecting tooling, it should facilitate tool exchange and avoid interference and collision;  

(6) Multi-position, multi-piece fixtures can also be used in batch production to improve processing efficiency.  

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Reasonable selection of cutting amount to improve removal efficiency of machining allowance  

Cutting amount includes: spindle speed, cutting depth, feed rate. When selecting the cutting amount of CNC milling machine, if it is rough machining, it is generally based on improving productivity. However, it is also necessary to consider economy and machining costs. You can choose a larger cutting depth and feed rate; if semi-finishing and finishing On the premise of guaranteeing the processing quality, efficiency, economy and processing cost should be taken into account; the cutting tool should be set to the highest possible feed speed. The specific value should be determined according to the manual of the lathe, the manual of cutting amount, and the experience.  

Implement tool presetting and automatic measurement to reduce the adjustment time of the machine   

In the process of CNC lathes , many different tools are often used. If the tools cannot be adjusted in advance, the operator needs to install each tool on the spindle and slowly determine their exact length and diameter. Then, it is manually input through the keys on the CNC control surface. If a tool setter is used, it can measure the diameter and length of the tool, reduce the time taken by the lathe, increase the first piece qualification rate, and greatly improve the production efficiency of the CNC milling machine.

Flexible use of various auxiliary functions and macro programs of CNC lathes  

The CNC lathe has the function of tool radius and length compensation. The tool compensation method can be used to compensate for the tool size error. The same machining program can be used to achieve layered milling, roughing and finishing or to improve the machining accuracy.  

The characteristics of using macro programs are to express regular shapes or sizes with short programs, and when the lathe executes such programs, it is faster and more responsive than programs generated by CAD / CAM software. Macro programs can use variables and assign values to variables. Variables can be calculated. Program execution can be jumped to form a modular processing program. In the application, only the part information and processing parameters need to be entered into the calling statement of the corresponding module. Reduce programming and entry time.


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