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CNC lathe machining and research analysis to optimize the process

2019-11-21 11:54:48

The machine tool spindle is the core component of the machine tool, and its function is to drive the tool (grinding wheel) or the workpiece to rotate to achieve processing. In the NC lathe quality machine spindle will directly affect the production of the parts of the surface quality of machining, the machining accuracy and efficiency.Therefore, if we want to improve the processing performance of the machine tool, and then improve the processing quality, precision and production efficiency of the machine tool, if we want the machine tool to be able to process products of better quality, which can meet our growing production and living needs, then in Whether the process flow of the CNC lathe machining the machine tool spindle is reasonable or not has a direct impact on the accuracy and quality of the machine tool being manufactured. This article analyzes and summarizes several important steps in the use of CNC lathe machining. The spindle components of the machine tool are taken as an example to optimize the process through a large number of actual processing and research analysis. Proposed process defects and improvement measures, find out the reasons that affect the processing accuracy and quality, improve production efficiency, and create economic benefits for the enterprise .

CNC lathe

The performance of the machine tool spindle must be based on the premise that machining accuracy and efficiency are met. Some traditional spindle concepts can no longer meet the needs of current machine tool spindles. Its speed and accuracy, as well as stiffness and power matching characteristics are better, so quality must be considered. When a CNC lathe is used to process a part, the turning parameters and the cutting path are set by a computer control system to perform the turning process. Therefore, the important factor affecting the machining quality and efficiency of the part is the machining process of the CNC lathe. With the development of numerical control technology, the processing quality is improving, but the technical guidance of numerical control processing is still lacking, so the consistency and stability of product quality cannot be guaranteed. There are restrictions on the technological development of CNC lathes.


CNC lathe
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