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Industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing are key areas of national innovation

2019-11-21 10:15:35

Since the birth of the first robot in the world in 1959 , robotics skills have been rapidly developed. Today, when countries are developing scientific skills vigorously, robot skills can always be a powerful helper to accompany them.And China, which has always been adhering to the "rejuvenation of the country through science and education," has never stopped, and now it is pushing robot operations to a new height!

At the opening of the 2015 International Robot Conference, China's Vice President Li Yuanchao attended the opening ceremony and brought a congratulatory letter from Chairman Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping said in the letter that following new high-tech skills such as new materials, new energy and energy conservation, biology and new medicines are included in the national innovation focus, robots and intelligent production will also be included in it!

Industrial robots

In retrospect, China's first internationally-movable deformable liquid metal machine was officially released to China's Roadmap for 2025 Key Scope Skills, and China's support for robot operations has only continued to increase each year. With the advent of a new round of technological innovation, global operations are being carried out in the direction of automation and intelligence. Industrial robots will infiltrate into many industries and replace human beings with messy or monotonous or risky tasks to assist human beings to continuously progress and grow. The application and development of robotics skills is of great significance for the entire age.

For our country desperately eager for science and technology talents, how to nurture our future science and technology talents is particularly critical. Education must start with dolls, and scientific skills can be cultivated from an early age. More and more school lecture halls have introduced robotics courses, cultivating students' hobby of mastering common knowledge in related fields from hands-on practice. Ask students to change the "duck-duck" passive learning, and let children change from "I want to learn" to "I want to learn". Now, more and more students are showing confident and sunny smiles, which has become the reserve strength of China's science and technology talents. As stated by the Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang: "China will create a very large robot market in the world!"

Here, we will look forward to more and more technology companies flourishing in the future in our country, and more and more scientific and technological people to help this world become better.


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