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Advantages of industrial robots instead of manual operations

2019-11-21 10:10:29

Technology is increasingly being developed, and competition between companies has never stopped. In the 21st century today, in order to cope with increasing labor costs and increasingly fierce industry competitions, many manufacturing industries have begun to change their past livelihood methods by introducing industrial robots tocomplete production initiative and further increase production power.

industrial robots

Advantage one: save money

The robot can operate 24 hours. For example, take out the product and place it on the conveyor belt or receiving table. Only one person is required to guard or one person watches two or more machines at the same time, which effectively saves labor costs. In addition, the use of industrial manipulator operation mode, the active assembly line can save plant space, making the entire plant planning smaller and more compact. Please correct the description of the robot.

Advantage 2: convenient staff supervision

In the past, it was difficult for enterprises to ensure the daily output value, because some employees were always lazy. As a supervisor, there are so many things every day, it is difficult to catch the staff all the time. After the use of robots to produce, the number of employees is reduced, and employee management is more convenient.

Advantage three: high output value and stable power

The time it takes for a robot to produce a product is fixed. During the same livelihood cycle, the output value of the manipulator is also fixed, and it will not fluctuate. In addition, the production time of each mold is fixed, and the product yield is also high. The production of robots is more in line with the interests of the boss.

Advantage 4: High employee safety guarantee

The use of manipulators to produce products can ensure workers' safety to a greater extent. There will be no accidents due to job neglect or fatigue. In livelihood workshops that require shifts, physiological fatigue is more likely to occur at night, leading to safety accidents, and the use of robots can ensure safe production. In addition, for some more risky types of work, industrial robots are used for higher accuracy, higher stability, and greater safety, which can ensure personnel safety.

However, at present, the scale of China's industrial robot production enterprises is relatively small, and even the size of leading enterprises is only about 2 billion, which is difficult to form a scale effect, which makes the company's manpower, research and marketing costs high. In addition, many key parts and components rely on imports, resulting in production costs of domestic enterprises are much higher than production costs of foreign enterprises.Therefore, it is also very important to actively develop the training of robotic technicians.


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