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palletizing robot concept and use

2019-11-20 14:28:31

Palletizing robots belong to the category of packaging equipment. Many manufacturers have purchased them to improve packaging and packing power. The middle and low position palletizers can meet the production requirements of low and medium volumes. According to the required grouping method and number of layers, the material bags, Palletizing of various products such as rubber blocks and boxes to achieve better packaging results.

palletizing robot

The detailed uses of palletizing robots are described as follows:

It is used in food and beverage occupations, chemical occupations, etc. It is used in three-in-one filling lines to palletize various bottles, cans, boxes and bags. The automatic operation of the palletizer is divided into the steps of automatic box feeding, rotary box, sorting, stacking, stacking, stacking, loading, loading, lowering, and stacking.

Palletizer technical features: low-level loading into the box, occupying less space, and large production capacity; PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation; used to a variety of stacking and bottle types, convenient adjustment; multiple safety maintenance, can be controlled with touch screen; optional The high-quality transmission chain is driven in sections, and the output section can be arbitrarily lengthened. All imported components are used for the motor, cylinder transmission and control; try to use 304 data, the whole machine is beautiful and generous; especially used to code heat shrink film packaging products.

In the field of packing and palletizing operations, the automatic palletizing robot's effectiveness has been continuously recognized. However, its effect in the upstream process of the production line is relatively limited, mainly due to the complexity and cost of the palletizing robot. For example, robots can now stretch their hands in the two upstream processes of the primary packaging line. The first step is to use a robot to connect the end of the processing process to a primary packaging device, such as an automatic packaging machine or a cartoning machine.Another process is the use of robots to transfer products after primary packaging to secondary packaging equipment.


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