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Industrial robots are irreplaceable important equipment and techniques in advanced manufacturing operations

2019-11-20 13:50:54

Industrial robots are important equipment and methods that cannot be replaced in advanced manufacturing operations, are the key development direction of strategic emerging industries, and are an important indicator of the level of national manufacturing operations and central competitiveness. Industrial robots are the primary representatives of intelligent and digital skills, and developed countries have taken the industrial robot industry as the primary way to regain industrial competitiveness. The industrial robot industry is a leading industry involving national development strategies. The widespread use of industrial robots can not only improve the quality and quantity of products, but also ensure personal safety, improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, improve labor productivity, save raw material consumption and reduce production costs, and promote the rise of China's manufacturing operations and industrial transformation. Upgrading and improving the overall quality and central competitiveness of manufacturing operations are of great significance.

Industrial robots

China's manufacturing operations are facing great challenges of changing to the high end, accepting world-leading production, and participating in world division of labor. Accelerating the research and development and production of industrial robot skills is the primary way for China to seize this historical opportunity. Therefore, the development of China's industrial robot industry should further increase skills investment and transformation efforts; set up domestically, strengthen the training of industrial robot planning leading enterprises, center parts supporting enterprises recognized by the mall, focus on training industrial chain development; accelerate the standardized construction of robots as soon as possible Establish a third-party inspection organization that meets the specifications, and lay the foundation for the overall quality improvement of the robot industry.

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