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What is the situation of domestic palletizing robots?

2019-11-20 13:49:01

The palletizing robot is a new type of automated machinery. A palletizing machine is placed at the end of the assembly line, which can neatly stack the products on the assembly line, which is more convenient for transportation and storage.

The general palletizer is composed of a base and a fuselage. It can be widely applied to palletizers in food, beverages, home appliances, feed and medicine. The machine is equipped with a sensing device that can identify the product on the assembly line and will stop in a standby state when there is no product.

palletizing robot

Due to the relatively low speed and accuracy of palletizing robots , it has also become one of the robot fields in which most domestic robot companies took the lead in achieving technological breakthroughs. Domestic automation equipment manufacturers are rapidly rising.

The domestic palletizer is relatively backward compared to foreign countries, but it has the price advantage. In the palletizer industry, the process palletizer is also relatively mature. Many companies will be happy to choose domestic. Another reason is that domestic Generally after-sales will be more convenient.

Fully automatic palletizer is a device that automatically stacks the material bags conveyed by the packaging machine according to the working method required by the user (such as 5 bags per layer and 8 layers per stack), and conveys the stacked materials. Palletizers can be integrated into a variety of production lines to provide intelligent, robotic, and networked production conditions for the production site.

Palletizers can generally be applied to the handling and palletizing of plastic boxes, bottles, bags, barrels, and film packages. The tedious and complicated manual operation can be avoided in the work, and the work efficiency can be improved.

The palletizing machine is not suitable for the products with thermal shrink film packaging. Generally, 304 materials are used for palletizing opportunities. The whole machine is beautiful and durable. The motor and cylinder transmission and control are all imported components, which enter the box at a low position, occupy less space and have a large production capacity.


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