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Hope and Difficulties in Robot Development

2019-11-20 13:47:05

Robot technology is an important part of high technology. Its industrialization process has just begun in China. Although it has achieved certain results, there are still many difficulties and deficiencies. Therefore, it needs more care and support from various aspects.

National policy support is an important prerequisite for accelerating the industrialization of high-tech. According to the relevant departments of the Chinese government, we should organize forces to conduct sufficient investigations and discussions, and based on this, formulate practical and feasible tilting policies for the promotion, use, and promotion of robotics research and development. Such as the implementation of supporting policies for the robot industry in terms of taxation, investment and borrowing. The Japanese government has formulated guidelines and adopted a series of measures to encourage enterprises to use robots. The experience of Japanese robots in developing domestic malls is worthy of our reference. In addition, robot users can consider giving certain funding subsidies to encourage purchase. In order to prevent work-related accidents and occupational diseases caused by a dangerous working environment, and to maintain the physical and mental safety of workers, industrial robots areforced to be replaced by special laws such as spray painting and casting . This can greatly increase the number of industrial robots required.


China's robot industrialization must be driven by shopping malls. As a high-tech robot, its development is closely related to social production and economic conditions. The R & D and development of robots can only be based on the principle of technical completion. It is important to select the areas in which robots are preferentially used, and use this as a breakthrough point. It is important to penetrate into other areas.

To use the machines of our country, we must go to the mall smoothly and complete the industrialization, or we need the joint efforts of all parties.


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