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Industrial robots are becoming more widely used

2019-11-19 16:45:49

China's industrial robots started from the "Seventh Five-Year" technological breakthrough in the 1980s. With the support of the country, through the "Seventh Five-Year" and "August Five-year" scientific and technological breakthroughs, they have now mastered the planning and production skills and control system of robot operating machines. Hardware and software planning skills, kinematics and trajectory planning skills, produced some key components of the robot, and developed painting, arc welding, spot welding, installation, transfer and other robots;more than 130 sets of painting robots in more than 20 homes Nearly 30 automatic spray paint production lines (stations) of the company have obtained planned use, and arc welding robots have been used on the welding assembly line of car production plants. But overall, China's industrial robots using engineering skills and the level of foreign relief there must be an interval ratio, such as: can * lower than foreign products; the use of robot project started late, narrow the scope of use, production line system There is a distance between skills and foreign countries. In terms of use planning, about 200 domestic industrial robots have been installed in China , accounting for about four ten thousandths of the world's installed devices. The above reasons mainly do not constitute a robot industry. At that time, the production of robots in China was required by users. "One customer, one-time planning from scratch", with many varieties standards, small batches, low degree of generalization of parts, long supply cycles, and cost not low, and quality, * unstable. Therefore, it is urgent to deal with the key skills in the early stage of industrialization, carry out comprehensive planning for products, do a good job of serialization, generalization, and modeling planning, and actively promote the industrialization process.

industrial robots

Through more than 40 years of development, industrial robots have been used in more and more fields.Industrial robots are widely used in manufacturing operations, especially in the car industry. For example, in the production of blanks (stamping, die-casting, casting, etc. ) , machining, welding, heat treatment, surface coating, loading and unloading, installation, testing, and warehouse stacking, robots have gradually replaced manual operations.

With the development of industrial robots in a deeper and wider direction and the advancement of robot intelligence, the use of robots has continued to expand, and has been promoted from car manufacturing operations to other manufacturing operations, and then to mining robots, construction Various non-production industries such as robots and maintenance and repair robots for hydropower systems. In addition, the use of robots in the fields of defense, military, medical care, and life services is also increasing, such as unmanned surveillance aircraft (aircraft ) , security robots, medical robots, and domestic service robots. Robots are playing an important role in improving the quality of human life.


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