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Advantages of palletizing robots for todays enterprise production

2019-11-19 16:39:10

Palletizing robots are mainly used for palletizing and handling of boxes, bags, barrels and other materials. They are widely used in the production of beverages, bottled water, flour, fertilizers and cement. Together, palletizingrobots have touched mechanics and mechanics. Electrical hydraulic and pneumatic skills, automatic control skills, sensor skills, single-chip computer skills and computer skills have become an important part of the production system of modern machinery.

The use of robotic palletizing has improved the working conditions of workers. Workers are only used to operate computers, away from dirty and tiring handling operations, and freed the workers from high-intensity manual labor.Robot palletizing helps people complete heavy, tedious, and repetitive labor, improves labor productivity, and ensures product quality. Palletizing robots replace high-efficiency manual operations. As long as there is a production task, the palletizer can work tirelessly. Manual palletizing sometimes results in the company's day production due to employee leave, reduced manpower, and other factors. Reduced efficiency, and the use of robotic palletizing has absolute advantages. It does not require manual management, does not need to consider the size of the output, does not need to supply work injuries, and secure medical conditions.

Palletizing robots

In addition, the advantages of palletizing robots are:

First, low energy consumption. The power of a general mechanical palletizer is 26KW, while the power of a palletizing robot is 5KW. Significantly reduces customer operating costs.

Second, you only need to locate the starting point and placement point, and the teaching method is simple and easy to understand.

Third, the structure is simple, there are few parts, and the failure rate is low.

Fourth, the floor area is small. Conducive to the placement of production lines in the customer's factory building, and can leave a large warehouse area. The palletizing robot can be installed in a narrow space, which can be usefully used.

Fifth, all controls can be operated on the screen of the control cabinet, and the operation is very simple.

Six, strong applicability. When the standard, volume, shape of the customer's product and the external standard of the tray are changed, it only needs to be slightly modified on the touch screen. And the mechanical palletizing machine can't even be completed without the effort required to change it appropriately.

Shandong Xinsheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production ofindustrial robots and palletizing robotic equipment. It has a number of technical patents. It is one of the few domestic companies that have mastered the entire production line of industrial robot palletizing robots. The company can provide comprehensive "one-stop acquisition" or "package engineering" system solutions, and has professional equipment production, as well as a full range of technical support and after-sales service.


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