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Selection and application of enterprises in industrial robots

2019-05-22 11:40:47

As robot technology continues to improve and develop, more and more companies are beginning to acquire and use robots. How do you know which type of robot to choose? How to avoid those misunderstandings that we may not understand, even those that have been successful in use and are not suitable for you?

The misunderstanding of robot users in the first place is to ignore the useful load and inertia requirements. This is usually due to the fact that the weight of the tool at the end of the robot arm is not included in the load calculation.The second reason for this fault is that contempt may completely ignore the inertial force of the migraine load.Inertial force may cause overload of the robot axis. In industrial robots , overloading of rotating axes is common.Failure to correct this problem will also cause damage to the robot. Reducing the load or reducing the speed parameter can compensate for this situation. However, reducing speed will add unnecessary cycle times-cycles that are part of the reduction in return on capital are the first to buy robots. This is why load-related factors are very important from the start.


Sometimes, the talent and flexibility of the robot make the planner take too much work so that the robot cell is too cluttered. Once this result occurs, it is difficult to confirm the correct cycle time, which may bring rated difficulties to the solution, and even a lot of difficulties will occur due to processor speed limitations. And once production appears to be faulty, this fault is often amplified. In production, unplanned shutdowns will result in huge losses.

Another situation is that the use of robots and working units exceeds the original planned talent requirements.When jobs are added after simulation, it is easy to be disappointed. Especially if no new simulation is done before the plan is pushed, the regular cycle may not be achieved. Therefore, to ensure that a cycle of the robot is within a regular time, then things beyond the scale of the robot must be very careful.


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